chapter  12
The last ‘Münzenberg empire’
The transnational networks of Die Zukunft in the Nordic Countries, 1938–1940 1
WithBernhard H. Bayerlein
Pages 13

This chapter offers insights into the Zukunft’s conceptual, performative, spatial and biographical dimensions from a comparative perspective. It focuses on archival studies in the Archives Nationales of France, which holds the editorial archives of the journal. New findings in Munzenberg’s correspondence with Georgi Dimitrov and Stalin show that Munzenberg went beyond the KPD’s traditional ideological ‘popular front’ type of anti-fascism as a valid and sufficient solution. The German-Swedish fictional author Peter Weiss serves as a useful starting point in order to trace the Zukunft’s network in the Nordic countries. The Zukunft’s efforts led to a new symbiosis of anti-Hitlerism and anti-Stalinism in the German political emigration community. Aiming to expand the sales and support network of the Zukunft, Dallmann toured the other Nordic countries, travelling, for example, in early May 1939 to Oslo and in late June 1939/early July 1939 to Helsinki.