chapter  4
Conservative fascist sympathies and anti-fascism in 1930s Norway
WithKnut Dørum
Pages 16

This chapter focuses on the relationship between right-wing and fascist organisations in Norway in the 1930s, and explores the potential of Norwegian fascism, particularly in 1932–1933, under circumstances of growing polarisation between the conservative and socialist parties. The Norwegian conservative press had lauded Hitler as a man who could save the world from socialism, communism and revolution – a symbol of hope for the future of a disillusioned German people. An analysis of two newspapers – Nationen and Namdalen – serving the Agrarian Party reveals manifestations of typical anti-Semitism during the 1920s. The majority of the right-wing newspapers in Norway rejected and discredited the misdeeds performed by the Nazi regime. On 10 July 1933, the Conservative Party received an invitation from National Unity to form a nationwide electoral alliance. National Unity could count on a widespread enthusiasm among many local leaders and units in the party organisation of the Conservative Party.