chapter  5
Three arrows against the swastika
Militant social democracy and the radical opposition to fascism in Denmark, 1932–1934
WithCharlie E. Krautwald
Pages 22

This chapter examines the anti-fascist opposition in the Democratic Youth of Denmark (DSU), their transnational inspirations, strategies and forms of action with a focus on anti-fascism among young social democrats. It discusses the internal debate in the social democratic movement about the means and priorities of the fight against fascism between 1932 and 1934 and asks if this was an expression of what we might call a militant attitude towards social democracy. The chapter focuses on a comprehensive study of the archives and publications of the DSU at the Danish Labour Movement Archives supplemented by additional source material and newspaper articles. The political concepts of totalitarianism or extremism have been the predominant framework in Danish historical writing for understanding the radical mobilisation of the interwar period. Some radical minded DSU members with an international outlook, militant activism therefore became an attractive alternative to parliamentarian work in the fight against fascism.