chapter  10
Connecting Sami Education to the Land and Lived Experience
ByYlva Jannok Nutti
Pages 16

In the historic self-sufficient Sami society, important skills took into account the local environment by using nature as the source of livelihood, such as reindeer herding, fishing, hunting, and preparing food or clothes in order to survive. This chapter discusses how teacher education can be shaped in a way that is appropriate to Sami culture-based methods of teaching and learning in the context of contemporary society. It explores this topic based on previous research about Sami child-rearing practices and livelihood experiences. For practical reasons and in line with regulations, schools often bring wood with them, but it is still important to make children and students aware of what kind of wood we need to be able to light a fire. Children are also urged to look backward while walking so that they take notice of the formation of the landscape in the other direction.