chapter  10
29 Pages

Making Sense of Interactional Trouble Through Mobile-Supported Sharing Activities

WithNiina Lilja, Arja Piirainen-Marsh

This chapter examines how second language speakers use a mobile phone as a resource to focus on and make sense of moments of interactional trouble that they have experienced in their own prior interactions outside the classroom, thus making such moments available as the focus of joint learning activity. It provides the data from the complementary data sets of the actual service encounters and the retrospective discussions about these encounters back in the classroom. One of the questions invited the students to discuss whether anything surprising happened during the encounter. The discussions were typically organized as a series of telling that occasioned mobile-supported sharing activities, which enabled the students to give others, access to the videos as records of their interactions in the service encounters. The teacher is oriented to as the party with epistemic authority: the participant who has the expertise to assess which of the proposed hearings is the correct one.