chapter  4
17 Pages

Ohja. Ja. Ja. (‘Ohyes. Yes. Yes.’)

Providing the Appropriate Next Relevant Action in L2 Interaction
WithCarmen Taleghani-Nikazm

This chapter focuses on responsive behavior of beginning and intermediate German second language (L2) learners in the wh-question informing answer context when engaged in a task-oriented interaction. It illustrates that German L2 learners in the data corpus demonstrate the interactional skills of producing response tokens and talk in the appropriate position, namely, in the closing third turn. The chapter provides an analysis of German L2 learners’ use of responsive behavior in a post-expansion, specifically in a learner’s response following receipt of an answer to their question. It demonstrates that while German L2 learners in the data corpus appropriately display an orientation to providing the next relevant interactional move, their turn design may not appropriately signal their epistemic and affective stance. The chapter deals with a discussion of the L2 interactional skills and responsive practices shown in the data. It presents a deeper understanding of L2 interactional competence and what L2 learners do with their language in semi-pedagogical interaction.