chapter  5
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The Interplay Between Collaborative Turn Sequences and Active Listenership

Implications for the Development of L2 Interactional Competence
WithOlcay Sert

This chapter shows that preliminary findings based on analyses of second language (L2) discussion task interactions involving learners who had previously had limited opportunities to practice oral communication. It focuses on participants’ deployment of responsive actions, and specifically focuses on turn completions in collaborative turn sequences. The chapter explains completions as ‘demonstrations of active listenership’ and argues that an interplay between collaborative turn sequences and demonstration of active listenership in relation to L2 interactional competence (IC). It provides a conversation analytic approach to data, followed by a post-analytic corpus linguistic annotation to present frequencies and a plot analysis using corpus software. Social interaction is a co-constructed accomplishment. The chapter presents a review of listenership, collaborative completions and L2 IC. It also presents a sequential analysis of representative extracts from the collection. The chapter outlines the quantitative findings from post-analytic observations.