ByJean-Pierre Poulain, Louis Augustin-Jean
Pages 5

Working for the most part in Europe and Asia, they have tried to identify the theoretical and practical challenges regarding the issue of food risks in Asia. Under the context of modernization that transformed the traditional patterns of food risks, Asia is an empirical field that questions and renews the conceptualization of risks. Food crises or, more broadly, food-related – be they sanitary, economic, environmental or cultural – issues have entered into political and media agendas all over the world. With the relationship between "food availability" and "population growth" introduced by Malthus, food security has become one of the major issues in the history of the social sciences. Science does not explain everything; debates and controversies that are emerging go beyond the mere issue of food to encompass societal choices. The chapter also presents some closing thoughts on the key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book.