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A “friendly” game

Homoaffectivity in Club de Cuervos
ByPatrick Thomas Ridge

Men's soccer in Mexico represents one of the most influential discursive sites for constructing masculinity, homoaffective acts shared by the country's "tughest" machos most commonly, hugs, kisses, and butt-slaps following goals, proves the game's capabilities for challenging heteronormativity. Although men's soccer in Mexico and its media and screen portrayals, has historically served to reaffirm conventional norms of masculinity, an analysis of Netflix's Club de Cuervos will demonstrates that these sporting machos exhibit non-heteronormative behavior both on and off the field, specifically through celebratory affection, locker room antics, and same-sex glances. Furthermore, scenes filmed in the team's locker room not only present the nude bodies of these men during shared shower time, but also the man-on-man antics that perturb the gender norms established through homosociality. Men's soccer continues to represent one of the most influential cultural entities that facilitates the construction of the Mexican macho.