chapter  8
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Global PR that works

The Case of the State Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
ByNatalia Grincheva

This chapter offers a case study of the Hermitage International Network of Foundations analysed through the lens of Bourdieu's theory on bonding, bridging and linking social capital. It illustrates how nurturing long-term social connections at an institutional and personal levels helps the Hermitage to generate economic revenue in support of its development programs. It is important to stress that the success of the Hermitage's global public relations (PR) should first of all be attributed to the institutional focus on establishing strong relationships with different types of constituencies, rather than merely seeking new sources of revenue. The chapter discusses the conceptual framework and environmental context, three key sections identify, explore and explain various types of constituency of the Hermitage's international PR. Organizational PR is usually based on communication with internal and external publics in order to achieve positive long-term relationships that can help to reach organizational goals and satisfy societal expectations.