chapter  8
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Creating University-Industry Collaboration in Hong Kong

WithJerry Patchell, Tony Eastham

This chapter argues that the impact of a university on regional economic development results from a complex interplay. It examines economic role must be balanced with its academic roles, and fitted into its industrial context. University-industry collaboration has become an important part of national and regional innovation systems. Regional governments engage in converting the benefits of academic research into industrial activity. Investment in university-industry collaboration has increased greatly, as have expectations of its outcome. University-industry interaction originates in collaboration between German chemical companies and universities late in the 19th century and has been common in American universities throughout the 20th century. Informal governance varies not only among universities but each department has a different attitude to the mediation of academic performance and industry interaction. The chapter presents evidence that Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has had success in applying its version of a liaison organisation within Hong Kong's challenging industrial milieu.