chapter  14
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Patterns of Suburban Office Development: The Spatial Reach of Office Firms in Metropolitan Tel Aviv

WithBaruch A. Kipnis, Oded Borenstein

This chapter examines G. Pivo's hypothesis in the context of metropolitan Tel Aviv, using data on 105 office buildings in suburban metropolitan Tel Aviv compiled in 1995. It explores the significance they attach to a range of locational attributes. The chapter discusses the spatial pattern of firms' linkages with clients, suppliers and professional partners in joint ventures and sub-contracting. The nature and magnitude of suburban office development is interpreted in terms of Israel's recent entry into the post-industrial age and its integration into the global econom. Different office activities also display different patterns of spatial linkage, reflecting the very different ways they fit into the Israeli economy. The growth of office activities associated with the emergence of post-industrial society is, therefore, bringing new pressures to bear as the urban agglomerations within which they are found expand: pressures of building; pressures of employment concentration and spatial differentiation; and pressures on infrastructure.