chapter  15
19 Pages

Hyper-Footloose Business Services: The Case of Swedish Distance Workers in the Mediterranean Sun Belt

WithClaes G. Alvstam, Annelie Jönsson

This chapter aims to develop a framework for the understanding of the spatial behaviour of extremely mobile forms of business services. It focuses on outsourcing of those branches of business services that to a limited extent are dependent on frequent physical proximity to commissioners and customers, e.g. management consultancy, legal and financial advice, architectural design, construction and engineering consultants, and computer software programming development. The spatial behaviour of independent producer services was neglected for a long time in economic geography. The impact of new information and communication technologies on human behaviour and societal organization is indeed one of the greatest challenges in current social science research. Service companies serving local customers are not normally seen as part of the context of hyper-footloose companies operating at a distance. Companies that can easily conduct business at a distance are for example consulting firms of different kinds and companies that produce software for other firms.