chapter  18
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Knowledge Economies and Transitional Labour Markets: New Regional Growth Engines

WithLambert van der Laan

This chapter highlights some of the major changes in the socio-economic setting of regions and economic actors. It deals with some of the main changes in the European labour market, which not only frame the position of countries and regions, but also determine their future. Inter- and intra-sectoral shifts have resulted in the information economy boom based on the generation and handling of information. The information economy together with the emergence of new forms and resources of knowledge leads to the knowledge economy. Social effectiveness of organisations is crucial and is reflected in personnel dedicated organisations. By embedding active growth efforts in regional knowledge networks and in regional transitional labour markets, the regional labour market itself becomes an important competitive asset. The social effectiveness based on commitment and loyalty increases if organisations adapt to the transitional labour market. The intersection between industrial and regional routes governs the economic development of regions.