chapter  20
22 Pages

Rethinking Auckland: Local Response to Global Challenges

WithRichard Le Heron, Philip McDermott

This chapter deals with the ways in which networks of interdependence and influence lock together economic agents and institutions to make particular regions 'work' within globalising value chains. It explores what insight might come from rethinking Auckland in terms of its present and prospective relationships with global value chains. The chapter examines several sectors to illustrate dimensions of connection and tensions of governance that pervade the Auckland scene. The late 20th Century saw Auckland indisputably the main point of connection between New Zealand and the globalising world economy. New Zealand's participation in international trade and production remains centred on land-based resource sectors. Preoccupation with infrastructure in Auckland revolves around the quality of the local environment — with some concern over the impacts of congestion or rehabilitation of ageing infrastructure on local costs. The communications sector illustrates the role of infrastructure within value chains and the capacity of investors to extract value across borders from those chains.