chapter  5
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Identifying Contexts of Learning in Firms and Regions

WithPäivi Oinas, Hein van Gils

This chapter outlines the resource-based view of the firm. It focuses on to discuss the role of resource relatedness in collective learning. The chapter argues that the proposed framework might be useful for understanding actual processes of learning in real world situations for analysts and policy makers alike. The resource-based view of the firm has been developed in strategic management research, organisational economics and industrial organisation. Dynamising routines facilitate change in the structure and content of social relations within organisations and thus provide the opportunity to alter organisational procedures. The learning actor can be seen either as an individual or as a collective actor. Learning processes can be internal to an actor, or they can take place in an inter-actor context. The chapter seeks to identify the learning contexts that may emerge as actors make connections with each other under various circumstances, based on their specific resource bundles.