chapter  4
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Oxfam International

WithPeter I. Hajnal

Oxfam International (OI), established in 1995, was formally registered in 1996 as Stichting not-for-profit foundation, in the Netherlands. The recognition that globalization of trade, the economy, communications, conflicts, social trends and policies has had a major impact on the well-being of people was a contributing factor to Oxfam's decision to internationalize. OI's constitution is available on request from the OI Secretariat. Its mission statement is included in Towards Global Equity which states: Poverty and powerlessness are avoidable and can be eliminated by human action and political will. At the next level of OI governance are three committees: the Programme Directors' Committee, the Marketing Committee, and the Advocacy Committee. It is difficult to get a detailed picture of OI's finances. The 1999 Annual Report gives a statement of the financial activities of "Stichting Oxfam International", presenting the core budget only. Information technology has played a major role in its internal work and public outreach.