chapter  9
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Reconfigurations and Spectatorship in Brazilian Telenovelas
WithFelipe Muanis, Rosane Svartman

Every day, millions of people sit down to watch TV Globo at prime time, especially its traditional telenovelas – a trend that is somewhat against the grain of the current worldwide trend of moving toward more fragmented content and audiences. Telenovelas communicate with their audiences on several levels: they are reflections on current issues; they provide information and knowledge to social exchange; they cause viewers' identification; and they entertain and provide relaxation, fantasy and inspiration. In new reception models and changes in the way that audiences reconfigure screen images it is also possible to observe that Brazilian telenovelas have been undergoing interferences in terms of their spectatorship and narratives. There are several blogs and profiles on different social networks made by fans that dedicate their time to the history of telenovelas with previous ones. Social networks dedicated to this type of fan-aided production also include literally hundreds of fanfics about the universe and characters from Malhacao's various seasons.