chapter  12
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Interactive Documentary, Slow Journalism and the Transmediality of Grozny: Nine Cities
WithRenira Rampazzo Gambarato

This chapter discusses the premises of interactive documentary, slow journalism and transmediality as the theoretical background referred to in the transmedia analysis of Grozny: Nine Cities. Analysis can lead to synthesis, and therefore, the analysis of an intricate transmedia project such as Grozny: Nine Cities can contribute to the advancement of transmedia practices. The project has been nominated for, and has won, several awards. The nine cities function as instalments of the story that help organize and expand the content. This logic is spread throughout the different media extensions. The storyworld of the project gravitates around the epicenter of the two Chechen wars in the past twenty years: Grozny, Chechnya. Grozny: Nine Cities consists of an interactive documentary (iDoc), photo exhibition and audiovisual installation, short video, soundtrack album, book, website and Facebook page. In the project's mothership, photos, video, audio and text are integrated in order to tell such an intricate story.