chapter  2
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Emergences, Strategies and Limitations of Spanish Transmedia Productions
WithCarlos A. Scolari, Mar Guerrero-Pico, María-José Establés

This chapter presents a state-of-the-art transmedia production in Spain in the area of fictional narratives. According to the Report on the State of Culture in Spain 2016 produced by Fundacion Alternativas, the economic crisis and its social consequences produced some kind of disaffection for many citizens. The translation and publication of books such as Jenkins' Convergence Culture introduced the discussion about transmedia storytelling into the Spanish academic circuit and propelled the first research in this field. Since 2010, the Spanish media professionals and corporations have gradually introduced transmedia storytelling into their discourses and practices. The chapter describes and analyzes a series of transmedia productions created in Spain in recent years: Aguila Roja, El Barco, Isabel, El Cosmonauta and El Ministerio del Tiempo. These transmedia works, sometimes developed by public and private companies, or joint ventures between the public and private sectors, were selected because of their popularity and/or innovative traits.