chapter  7
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Transmediality as News Media and Religious Radicalization
WithMarie-Ève Carignan, Sara Marcil-Morin

This chapter focuses on the Quebec media's representation of radicalization leading to violence and the violent attacks that took place in Quebec in 2014, with a view to elucidating their role in the public's understanding of these phenomena and to assessing the role of transmediality in their coverage. In Quebec, the first events related to Islamic radicalization leading to terrorism were witnessed in attacks in the fall of 2014. Related events of 2014 sparked awareness and a certain degree of fear in the Quebec population regarding radicalization leading to violence. It is important to highlight the impact of transmediality on media-oriented terrorism, in which terrorists provoke violent events in order to utilize the media as megaphones to make their messages heard. It is not surprising to note the strong presence of the topic of 'politics and legislation', given that radicalization is a highly politicized issue in Canada.