chapter  8
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Transmedia Projects in Contexts of Armed Conflict and Political Change
WithCamilo Andrés Tamayo Gómez, Omar Mauricio Velásquez

This chapter introduces contemporary discussions regarding the role of civil society in contexts of armed conflict. It shows information regarding the armed conflict in Colombia, addressing particularities for the case of Medellin in the light of political change. In 2002 Colombia started to undergo deep sociopolitical change. Since 2013 the inhabitants of La Loma started a socio-communicative project to generate processes of solidarity, recognition and memory in the local community. The principal narrative component of #noescomolapintan is the main story regarding the history of the neighborhood. This transmedia project highlights how the community of La Loma had understood cultural memory, social recognition and solidarity as social and generational institutions, and therefore they had developed transmedia narratives. Thus, the development of transmedia products to construct memory narratives is based on expressive activism as an instrument to exercise political and social actions in the public spheres of this Colombian city.