chapter  12
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Transferability of Human Resource Management Across Borders

ByBarbara Myloni

This chapter presents the conceptual framework of the author's doctoral research which concerns the transferability of home-country Human Resource Management (HRM) practices across borders. Factors such as organisational strategy and firm size and management values in relation to HRM and technology, are found likely to affect the HRM strategy of a company. The chapter deals with multinationals corporations (MNCs), host-countries, and HRM practices applied to host-country nationals. One of the major research questions is to what extent MNCs do or should adjust their HRM practices to the traditional local ones versus importing their home-country practices. The research setting will involve the Greece as a host-country for MNCs' subsidiaries with headquarters in different European countries. A. Ferner and J. Quintanilla provide evidence that MNCs subsidiaries in the UK become 'Anglo-Saxon' in a manner that retains many elements of their country-of-origin national business system.