chapter  8
Re-Shaping Regions, Re-Ordering Utilities: Competing Development Trajectories
BySimon Marvin
Pages 15

This chapter examines the relations between regional strategies and the management of utility and infrastructure networks. It explores the linkages between the multiple constructions of a regional future and the style of utility network that would underpin these views of the future. The chapter discusses a conceptual overview of the changing relations and questions raised by the development of regions, and infrastructure. It looks at the re-configurations to infrastructure networks, such as energy and water utilities, embedded in three regional strategies. The chapter highlights how each viewpoint shapes the development of complex socio-technical infrastructure networks along different development trajectories. It explains the viewpoints illustrating the development of multiple levels of infrastructure re-ordering, and points to the absence of a context for bringing the different approaches together within a region. The first set of issues focuses on the increased vulnerability of infrastructure networks in the context of climate change.