chapter  4
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The Link Between Macroeconomic Policies, Education Policies and the Education Budget 1

WithKaterina Nicolaou

This chapter focuses on the role of the state as it develops macroeconomic and education policies. It assesses the impact of these policies on society. The chapter aims to develop the background for the Constitution and the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) that endeavoured to serve the needs of society on the eve of transformation. The RDP was based on several underlying principles. These comprised an integrated programme that was people-driven, that argued for peace and security for all, that advocated nation-building associated with reconstruction and development, and that argued for democratising South Africa. The RDP’s values and objectives were driven by equity, democracy, redressing the social and economic burdens from the past, and promoting reconstruction and development. Theoretically, an RDP environment would require large increases to the education budget, especially in the form of capital expenditure - to provide classrooms, media centres, electrification, water and other sanitary services, and telephones - in order to redress the social backlogs that existed.