chapter  5
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Transforming Education and Training in the Post-Apartheid Period: Revisiting the Education, Training and Labour Market Axis

WithNisaar Mahomed

This chapter investigates the effect that shifting alignments and changes in the nature, substance and language of education and training during its transformation into government policy have had upon its subsequent evolution. It presents the changes in South Africa’s education and training provision within the context of the change in the political economy and its recent attempt at an insertion into the global economic market. The chapter explores with a examination of the debate surrounding globalisation as a lever into the subsequent debates that characterised the evolution of education and training policy in South Africa. Economic growth in South Africa had been declining since the 1970s and by the mid-1980s had dropped below population growth. The world is experiencing rapid changes in the labour market, including changing sectoral composition of employment, the increased participation of women in the workforce, and the rising skills level of the workforce.