chapter  10
Design and development of a medical product using 3D technologies: Scalp cooling cap design case study
WithE. Unver, C. Sorbie, R. Silkstone, M. Kagioglou, R. Paxman, P. Burke
Pages 5

Hair loss is a well-known side effect of many chemotherapy regimens, with many patients claiming it is the most traumatic aspect of their treatment. Scalp cooling provides the only real alternative to hair loss resulting in a high level of retention or complete hair preservation, improving patients’ self-confidence and creating positive attitudes towards treatment.

The aim of the project was to redesign a scalp cooling cap so it fits patients better, it also had to be mass-produced and have an improved flow pattern of the coolant that cools the head. The new cap uses 3D printed tooling technologies and will pave the way for mass manufacture using lightweight silicone sheet so the scalp cooling cap is soft and flexible—providing a snug, comfortable fit during treatment moulding to all head shapes and sizes.