chapter  13
Automotive coating industry: Sustainability challenges and smart innovations
WithM.T.I. Bhuiyan, H. Zhang, J. Zhu
Pages 5

Some of the major sustainability issues in the automotive coating industry, and how powder coating technology is the most sustainable green alternative to replace the harmful liquid paints, what major issues are challenging the vast implementation of that green technology in automotive paint shops have been discussed here. A new powder coating technology, we recently developed, shows the promise of improved shelf-life of powders and low-cost, low-carbon footprint, zero-VOC coating operations with 50% curing energy savings, and two times faster throughput without compromising film quality (appearance, chemical, and mechanical strengths). Two times curing energy efficiency in typical automotive paint shops saves 32 kWh per car approximately equivalent to US$3 savings and a reduction of 100 pounds of CO2 emissions per car. An automotive assembly plant manufacturing one million vehicles annually could save US$4 million along with other utility costs while increasing overall manufacturing efficiency.