chapter  15
Fashion business oriented for sustainability
WithA. Anicet, E. Dias
Pages 4

The Brazilian fashion industry is turning to one of the great challenges of the twenty-first century: the development of new sustainable organizations and products. Some brands bring it intrinsic slowly in their DNA, using natural raw materials, disposable recycling materials, working with hand fair and craft work, distinguished by the quality of their products. Therefore, the “slow” method of production is placed as a catalyst for a sustainable perspective of fashion, considering the importance of all activities and all workers involved in the process. This article aims at observing the possible areas for sustainable fashion consolidation in Brazil. In order to do this, we show the cases of two Brazilian textile companies and the way they found to stay true to its sustainable principles and, at the same time, consolidate themselves in an environment dominated by competitiveness and the fast-fashion method of production.