chapter  16
Clay robotics: A hybrid 3D printing casting process
WithS. Wang, S. Dritsas, P. Morel, K. Ho
Pages 6

This paper presents the research work for the design and development of an innovative 3D printing process which employs clay as the material for the production of geometrically complex molds for building scale applications in construction. The objective of this approach is to efficiently and economically fabricate forms for casting, such as concrete or metals which can be easily post-processed and finished. Our perspective is informed by the appreciation of the difficulties in achieving high-quality finish in viscous/granulate material extrusion, such as clay or concrete, for architectural parts that need to achieve a wide range of resolutions without significant and often laborious post-processing. We thus employ clay as an abundant, low-cost, environmentally friendly material for mold making that can be both easily post-processed if required and disposed or recycled.