chapter  17
Modular formwork system layout development and assembly in actual scale based on robotic technology
WithO. Kontovourkis, E. Demartinou
Pages 6

Nowadays, the tendency towards the development of flexible structures demands the establishment of robust and reliable methods for design investigation and then smart manufacturing in actual scale. Although, in digital design the tools are well established, in construction level constrains are found due to low expertise among constructors, lack of appropriate manufacturing mechanisms, etc. The relatively new field of robotic construction has tried to overcome these obstacles, however, until recently, the implementation of robots has remained unexploited among the majority of architects and constructors. This ongoing research attempts to introduce a methodology for design and assembly of an innovative modular formwork system used for concrete wall casting by integrating 3D parametric/BIM techniques with robotic construction principles. The goal is to open new possibilities for searching and developing flexible architectural solutions during the pre-design and pre-construction decision-making process so that results can be efficiently executed by robots in actual scale.