chapter  2
Legislative developments in Portugal of the concept of NZEB’s
WithC. Duarte, A. Morais
Pages 3

Introduction Legislative developments in Portugal in the 90s began to emerge the first concerns the issue of energy in buildings, placing thermal insulation on the walls began to be usual in the construction and were the first steps towards the awareness of the stakeholders in the process construction of this technological field. In 2002 comes the Directive 91/EC will be transposed to the national law in the form of three Decrees: Decree-Law 78/2006 - National Energy Certification and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings (SCE), Decree-Law 79/2006 - Regulation of Energy, HVAC systems in buildings (RSECE) and Decree-Law 80/2006 - Regulation Characteristics of Thermal Performance of Buildings (RCCTE). (Neves, Patricia and Coelho, 2016).