chapter  44
Life cycle analysis as a tool of complex evaluation of food packaging systems
WithZ. Bogóné-Tóth, Z. Lakner, I. Hajdu, O. Fehér
Pages 8

Nowadays more and more important and timely topics are matter of environmental awareness and sustainable development. Every day, we hear, we read of occurred environmental disasters around the world. More and more worrying picture of the future that will be what further negative consequences if you do not care about our environment.

The conclusion is that we need to find balance between economic development, efficient use of natural resources and minimize the pollution, which are the pillars of sustainable development. In order to optimize all aspects of the issue have been correct calculations need to complete the product design level.

One of the possible and nowadays more and more meaningful tool is the life-cycle analysis, which examines potential effects a product, process or service on the environment during its entire lifetime.

Life cycle analysis is a method, which allows to follow a product through the entire life of its, quantifying the impact of product on the environment. Based on the “cradle to grave” theory we can show the potential effects of the product on environment and in “cradle to cradle” theory appear the environmental effect of re-cycling also, because the “grave” could be a “cradle” of a new product.

The environmental impact, energy consumption, economy of a number of studies have examined using the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Discussions are about environmental friendly packaging. It published several publications on this matter, which are not always reached the same conclusion. This article want to give a review about present situation.