chapter  48
Reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp in design reuse
WithR. Carreto, C. Carreto
Pages 4

The need to guide reuse allows Design to acquire new tools adapted to act in the practice of theorizing as a new method. We reuse Marcel Duchamp’s ready-made definition, which raised ordinary objects to the artistic iconization level. In this way, we return to art and technique as the Design basis, guiding the study and deepening to a creativity methodology, as relevant for art as for Design. It is our intention, promote the art paradigm as a means of Design conceptualizing, using Duchamp and his ready-made. With this article, we intend to demonstrate possible methodically reuse from an analysis of different types of ready-made, creating a fundamental parallelism to the Design universe. We intend to structure, exemplify and demonstrate ready-made making methods, considering them examples of sustainability principles, through the various techniques used in its design. The ready-made concept is replicated in Design objects, whereby we intend verify in this study.