chapter  55
Knowledge to industry Transfer Technology Standards: Future Cities and Territories (KiTTS: FCT)
WithM. Ângelo Fonseca, O. Chabanyuk
Pages 4

The framework of Europe2020 priorities for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and the EU flagship initiatives for innovative development, assumes the reinforcement of knowledge and innovation as drivers for future growth, promoting knowledge and innovation transfer throughout the Union. The mechanism of mutual interoperability between Research Institutions and Industry, for R & D & I sets the crucial goal to achieve output of growth with societal benefits. Is imperative to contextualize the implementation of European Standards which contributes to harmonization of procedures in R & D & I, leading to a stronger interoperability between Research and Industry Institutions. In 2016, verifying that CEN/TS 16555–1: 2013 wasn’t implemented in Portugal and Poland, was submitted a Cooperation Program between those countries, in order to strengthen the links between research institutions and construction industry, by the above standard, encouraging the formation of consortia to promote H2020 submissions. This document explore the adopted strategy, that contextualize the development of KiTTS:FCT.