chapter  57
Contemporary architectures intervention in historical part of Tbilisi and Lisbon (Qvemo Kala and Alfama)
WithC. Alho, G. Iosebidze
Pages 3

The scientific research which we would like to present contains the history and theory of architecture. In majority of the historical cities, one of the most important issues is maintaining the structure of the historical core and integrating it within the modern social life of the city. Quite often, the historical buildings (houses), the architecture of which is valuable and the most attractive in the city, becomes the burden for the population in terms of uncomfortable living conditions and the maintenance of these buildings. This problem is particularly severe in Tbilisi. From architectural-artistic viewpoint, the volumetric structure of the core is highly important for the city. We do not categorically oppose the emergence of contemporary architecture within the historical part of the city, but this has to take place only with utilization of the criteria developed on the basis of scientific research. Our goal is to make the theoretical work the basis for the practical creativity.