chapter  6
What is innovation in architecture? The exhibition as a research tool
WithF. Roseta, S. Marçal
Pages 4

This paper presents the outcome of an exhibition in pursuit of one goal, which was to question the meaning of innovation in architecture. The exhibition, promoted by a partnership between the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon and by the National Museum of Natural History and Science, included fourteen architectural practices and recorded three debates surrounding the theme. The exhibition was an efficient tool to stimulate research on the meaning of innovation in architecture and to disseminate the need to ask the question. This process brought together architects, artists and scientists from different generations and fulfilled the obligations of both institutions to play ‘a part in reshaping society as a more participative arena’. Beyond the dissemination of the work, the network of people brought together to answer this question was in itself one of the most interesting outcomes of the curating process.