chapter  66
Ethnography and design: A methodology applied to business culture
WithA. Cunha, L. Soares
Pages 4

This article refers to the research project leading to the PhD thesis in Design that aims to develop a methodology that crosses Ethnography and Design as the main agent for corporate sustainability. For this project it is necessary to define and understand the concepts essential to the development of the methodology that crosses Ethnography and Design, giving structure to a theoretical dynamic that acts as the primary means for the development of a practical component. Therefore, it will be structured as a methodology inspired by the constructive practices of the patterns of the past, recovering and highlighting its authenticity in the construction of a new production principle inserted in the optical business culture. Based on this premise, a partnership with the company Leitão & Irmão emerged in order to, first, prove that this methodology guarantees, in an early phase, the company’s success. Secondly, to show that this line of thinking is able to generate significant impact on the development of current business perspectives.