chapter  67
Technological forecasting in textile industry: From first to fourth industrial revolution
WithA.Y.S. Duarte, F.G. Dedini, R.A. Sanches, R. Anderl
Pages 6

This paper aims at associating all the Industrial Revolution and textile industry by analyzing the main innovations in production system and machinery, consumption patterns and the importance of this industrial activity in the economy. To achieve this goal, the data collection was based on academic literature researches. Each Industrial Revolution played a fundamental role in the textile production-consumption pattern. The First Industrial Revolution allowed a general mechanization that stimulated the consumption and the necessity for renewal; the Second Industrial Revolution represented the introduction of new power sources and mass-produced goods and the revolution of consumer goods; the Third Industrial Revolution, is characterized by the transition from analog to digital technology and the segmentation of consumer markets; lastly, the Fourth Industrial consists of integrative cyber-physical systems and the consumers are active actors in the production system.