chapter  69
Offsite construction—U.S. market trends in prefabrication
WithK.R. Grosskopf, J.W. Elliott, J.E. Killingsworth
Pages 5

Permanent Modular Construction (PMC) accounts for roughly 1% of the U.S. commercial construction market despite a proven record of reducing construction time and cost while improving quality, safety and sustainability. While advancements in integrated project delivery, lean construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM) hold the potential to transform inefficient site-built construction in the U.S., significant non-technical barriers remain. The following research provides case study, interview and survey data from more than 2,000 industry respondents from 2011–2014 to identify factors for success in offsite construction. Key discussion topics include identifying offsite opportunities and managing offsite risks and uncertainties as relates to project specific and non-project specific decision factors.