chapter  70
Sustainability, social innovation and collaborative economy in fashion design
WithS.R. Fernandes, J.M. Lucas, A.I. Cruchinho Gomes, R.A.L. Miguel
Pages 5

This article is part of a PhD research in Fashion Design and discusses the concept of sustainability in the context of social innovation, based on collaborative creative economy. The application of this concept will be through a Fashion Library to be hosted at the University of Beira Interior (UBI), Covilhã, Portugal. This Library will lend the garments created by students of bachelor and master’s degree in Fashion Design (UBI), to the community. Will also be created a web page to publicize and preserve the memory of the work of these students. The Fashion Library will promote social activities with students and the community, all focused on dressing in a sustainable way. The objective of these actions is the extension of the useful life of the fashion product.