chapter  76
Computational architectural integrated implementation: A digital process from initial design to fabrication
WithY. He, M.A. Schnabel
Pages 5

As architectural design and fabrication processes are highly digitized, computer science theories such as Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) have tremendous potential to deal with new challenges in architectural research and application. In this paper, exploring architecture as a product, we set up the framework of Computer Architectural Integrated Implementation (CAII) that is based on CIM theories. First the definition and concepts of CAII are presented; then a flexible design system that is based on CIM is described. Next, CAII is applied in a practical project. We built up a virtual platform for handling various information and data streams. The outcome of the project presents the practical value of a CAII process. Lastly, some development trend are discussed, including integration of components and potential integrated fabrication with robots. Cantered around an integrated system CAII attempts to reduce error, to response more efficiently, and to be inclusive to various design processes and digital fabrication techniques. We expect this interdisciplinary research to yield substantial results in the whole process from initial design to fabrication and beyond to include maintenance and life cycles.