chapter  9
Development of a jewellery piece that functions as both neck brace and necklace
WithJoana Matos, Henrique Almeida, Rita M.T. Ascenso, Carlos Novo, Mário Freire
Pages 6

The ability for manufacturing any complex shape that was generated in a CAD system by using additive manufacturing techniques is leading to innovative product, creating a new era of design in the product development cycle. The additive manufacturing allows the creation of new products and geometries, reducing lead times, energy and materials, and consequently, reduce costs; allowing engineers and designers to respond to high levels of market demand and product complexity.

Two product domains that are gaining interest including the layer-by-layer fashion in its development cycle are orthoses and jewellery products. Both areas are still based on traditional production methods and manual labour, especially regarding the customization of orthoses and jewellery personalization. The synergies of both areas may contribute to disruptive innovation connecting both medical and aesthetical business.

The product presented in this paper regards a neck jewellery piece that has both functions of a neck brace and necklace.