chapter  Chapter 9
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Cycles of Tension and Rapprochement: Prospects for Turkey’s Relations with Greece

WithTozun Bahcheli

Turkey and Greece have entered the new century with an apparent resolve to bring about lasting improvements in their relations. Turkey and Greece have been adversaries for long periods in their history and this has deeply influenced their relationship and also their leaders' reactions to disputes. Turkish interests in Cyprus, like those in the Aegean, are primarily strategic, and have been just as difficult to reconcile with those of Greece. The United States has long been involved in managing Greek-Turkish differences, particularly since the onset of civil strife on Cyprus in 1963. The Turkish secular establishment has pursued closer European ties for many years. Turkey's associate EU membership - attained in 1963, a year later than Greece - envisioned eventual full membership. Numerous writers have suggested principles that could serve as the bases of compromise agreements for Turkey and Greece in both the Aegean and Cyprus.