chapter  11
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Journey of Self-Discovery: From “Complexity” to “Street Encounters” and Beyond

WithYasser Elsheshtawy

As a former student of Amos Rapoport this essay will address the impact of his writings in shaping my research interests. Given my interest in the quality of the urban environment and cross-cultural studies. Environment-Behavior Studies offered a means by which this interest could be enhanced and strengthened. Starting from my Master thesis on "Complexity" until my Dissertation on "Street Encounters" this search was modified to be more inclusive and "holistic," reflecting shifts and criticisms found both in the field of EBS research and in Amos's own writing. The essay while using my own work as an overall framework, will discuss these developments while at the same time acknowledging the impact - and importance - of Amos Rapoport's work. At the same time I will address the extent to which l have been able to utilize EBS research within the framework of an architectural curriculum in an Arab university.