chapter  6
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Studious Questions 1

WithAmos Rapoport

The essence of author argument has been that the purpose of design is to provide settings appropriate to the bio-social, psychological, cultural and other characteristics and needs of the different people for whom design is done. Furthermore the decision about what to do and why must be based on the best available information, on a body of literature, on research on man-environment interaction, on "theory rather than the likes and dislikes of designers. The studio basically sees design purely as a craft approached subjectively, stressing the personality of the designer rather than ideas. Most of us who have gone through years of design studio, and who might even have taught it, know how much time is wasted in the studio, how much time is spent chatting and playing cards. Another inefficiency that the design studio introduces is that it isolates students from the rest of the university, from the library and form reading and writing.