chapter  7
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Amos Rapoport: Modernism’s Apologist?

WithRobert M. Beckley

Amos Rapoport has made and continues to make a strong argument for design as a research based "scientific" discipline. His arguments are made, most frequently, citing the inability of modern architecture, contemporary design education and the design culture to address human needs. Even as the world has become increasingly pragmatic and scientific on the one hand, there is a growing sense that all problems cannot be solved rationally, and architectural problems are no different. Space planners, programmers, landscape architects, civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineers, interior designers, lighting specialists, curtain wall experts, acousticians, and more; all are designing some aspect of the building-changing the face of the earth. Computer software applications have sustained research in architectural schools. Some schools have taken advantage of federal funding in the health care area, studies of facilities for Alzheimer's patients.