chapter  2
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The difference that love (power) makes 1

ByAnna G. Jónasdóttir

Sexuality is seen as a complex concept equivalent in significance with the concept of economy in the field of classical Marxist theory. This chapter shows how love and sexuality are both distinctive and related in the analysis. It focuses on sexual love, and conceptualizes the power of (sexual) love theoretically, both ontologically, as a creative human capacity, and as historically conditioned 'love power'. The chapter considers to raise a more general issue concerning the possibility to practice not only interdisciplinary research but also to converse across partly or wholly different traditions of thought or paradigms. It explains that many people have experienced similar developmental insights from transversal reflections, in face-to-face conversations or when reading other people's texts. The chapter explores how sexuality and after that why/how love, including the concept of 'love power', is the most essential element in the theory complex. It discusses the thorny issue of cross-paradigmatic conversations.