chapter  8
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The invisible ties We share

A relational analysis of the contemporary loving couple 1
ByAdriana García-Andrade, Olga Sabido-Ramos

This chapter examines the complexity of the loving relationship through the category. It emphasizes the idea of love as a relational phenomenon; that is, as something that involves the simultaneous collaboration of at least two individuals. The chapter presents the level of analysis in order to discern what is gained by each member of the We Loving Relationship (WeLR) in contemporary western societ and the bonds it entails. It argues that the contemporary idea of the WeLR is related to the semantics of romantic love. The chapter focuses on to the idea that love is the product of a distinct social class in a given historical moment. It shows how the signification of the love experience depends not on material goods or economic resources. The chapter seeks to understand how those social meanings become embedded in the enminded body and the consequences this brings to the experience of oneself in relation to the loved one.