chapter  1
29 Pages

Surfing, sex/es, gender/s and sexuality/ies


The concepts sex, gender and sexuality (sgs), and how they are constituted in spacetime are interdependent yet different, distinct and fluid. They are concepts deeply rooted in cultural constructions often as taken-for-granted assumptions about identities, roles, relationships, practices, ways of being and appearance. This is no less apparent in surfing than in society or sport more broadly. Scholarship relating to society more generally, and sport more specifically has explored definitions and relationships of sgs, yet until this edited collection, has paid relatively little scholarly attention in surfing beyond isolated journal articles and book chapters.

This chapter has three parts. The first explores definitions of each of the concepts as categories and practices, teasing out contestations and inter-relationships. The second summarises how sgs has been constituted in surfing as captured in previous and related scholarship. This constitution in the practices of surfing is illustrated in its complexity by many of the chapters in this book, so I close by summarising these chapters and posing questions to provoke further scholarship.